Your Complete Guide to 4 – 20

4-20 goes mainstream with Totino’s

Who would think that April 20th would become a holiday for the counter-culture and on its way to becoming mainstream?

Heady stuff. Rather we spend some time in celebration — celebration of how far we’ve come. General Mills’ Totino Pizza Rolls with a “Stock Up B4/20” ad campaign targeting stoners? Recreational or medical marijuana now legal if over half of the United States? Many of today’s light up festivities completely legal!

Here are some great 4-20 links. Enjoy! And enjoy this special day — and thanks to our amigos at Cannabist and the Denver Post.

We begin with a 4-20 overview.

4-20 overview from the New York Times.

Sacramento’s 4-20 role in keeping Trump’s at bay.

4-20 protest in Washington D.C.

San Francisco celebrates 4-20.

Branding of 4-20: Totinos, Ben & Jerry’s and more!

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