Over the FM airwaves:

KZHP, 93.3 MHz, is a low power FM station. If you’re within the metro Sacramento region you should hear us well.

Over the device of your choice:

Computer–Get ‘no static at all’ on the Internet. Just point your browser to www.k-zap.org and click on the ‘Listen’ link on the home page. With a mobile device, we recommend using our custom Apps for streaming. Follow the instructions below for various devices.



Smart Phone Apps:

Android OS–Go to your PlayStore and search K-ZAP (or click here), you’ll find the Kayz-App easily… just download it and hit play!





Apple iOS–Go to the Apple Store and search K-ZAP (or click here), the App sips data nicely, but if you have WiFi connection use it! Save those precious data minutes.




If you’re on a WiFi connection we recommend using it, otherwise data fees will result if you use your phone carrier. Though note: streaming music isn’t the huge data sucker you might think.

Have an old phone or tablet with wireless. We find many people use an old iPhone or Android device (with Wi-Fi and not needing a SIM card) and use the mini-jack  to connect to their stereo “line in” for clean streaming sound.

In your Car–Use our apps (Android or Apple) to get Sacramento’s K-ZAP’s stream into your car’s sound system. Many cars have a USB or AUX input.  Find the correct cable to go from your smart phone to the stereo and consult the owner’s manual for instructions.

Bluetooth–connects wirelessly and will stream to your sound system just like a hands free phone call.

If you have a Bluetooth capable stereo watch the video we made with the help from the great people at Paradyme on how to set up and pair your smartphone to your stereo and get Sacramento’s K-ZAP anywhere (and it’s cleaner than FM frequency). Click here to watch.

Home Listening/Smart TV–Any modern WiFi-enabled smart TV can access Tune-in and connect to the Kayz-App. Here’s a demonstration.

Home Listening/New Stereo–New receivers often include Internet access.  Here’s how to get Sacramento’s K-ZAP. Watch this tutorial on how many new stereos can stream Sacramento’s K-ZAP.  Click here.

Home Listening/Older Stereo–Even your older stereo system can probably stream Sacramento’ K-ZAP through your smart phone or tablet.  Here’s how.


Gadgets–If you don’t have any of those options available to you, it’s FM radio to the rescue! One of these small, legal FM transmitters replaying the music from our Kayz-App on your streaming device is all you need. Find a clear channel toward the bottom of the FM band (~92 is best), tune your car’s FM radio to that channel, and away you go with the speakers cranked (like the old days)!