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Sponsorships and Underwriting on Sacramento’s K-ZAP are great ways to market your company while supporting community radio. Because of the wide variety of music played on Sacramento’s K-ZAP, our listeners are a diversified group of people who share many common interests and life styles. This audience has largely been abandoned by corporate, commercial radio stations. Our 35-65 year old listener is active and has real spending power, and they support businesses that support their station.  Your underwriting support of Sacramento’s K-ZAP shows you are interested in providing an outlet for great rock radio and contributing to the overall quality of life in the greater Sacramento area.

Our listeners are grateful for our sponsor’s support! In the case of the Von Housen Automotive Group their Facebook page had a 12% increase in followers during the first two weeks of the partnership! And listeners like John J. shared posts like ‘”Thanks Von Housen!!! “’ When was the last time you saw an advertiser on a corporate rocker get thanked for advertising?

In building Sacramento’s K-ZAP we knew we had to avoid the screaming, heavy handed approach to “communicating with the audience” required by commercial radio – just to be heard. We have chosen a conversational approach to our messaging style. Our listeners don’t want hype, they don’t want jive. Remember that you are making a statement by supporting us and we want to make sure you’re heard, not lost in the clutter.

There is a loyalty and real sense of community being built between Sacramento’s K-ZAP, our audience and our sponsors. Underwriters have the opportunity to build a relationship with an important market segment that appreciates their support of non-commercial rock radio. Want to be a part of what we are building?

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