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M- F

6-9 A  — Kevin Kelley

9-N — Cale Wiggins

N-3 — Dennis Newhall

3-6 — Jon Russell

6-9 — Scott Elliott

9–M — Faith

M-6A—Jenna Birmingham (Tue-Wed) Nick J. (Fri/Sat)



Robert Williams

Scott Forrington

Dave Gregory

Nick Rhodes

plus  Diane Michaels, Dana Jang, Matt Pacini, Antonio Muniz,  and Helen Meline

Kevin Kelley has brought Psychedelic Sunday back to K-ZAP! Sundays 10 until Noon

Tuesday at 8:00PM — listen to Floydian Slip (all things Pink Floyd: music, interview, information)

Thursday at 9:00PM — The Grateful Dead Hour (drawing from 50 years worth of unreleased recordings.)

Friday afternoons at 5:00 — Rush Hour Blues  (A set of bluesy music to help get you through the weekend jam)