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M- F

6-9 A  — Jeff Gonzer with Ace Young (news)

9-N — Kevin Kelley

N-3 — Dennis Newhall

3-6 — Jon Russell

6-9 — Scott Elliott

9–M — Faith

M-6A— Nick



Robert Williams

Scott Forrington

Cale Wiggins

Dave Gregory

Nick Rhodes

plus  Diane Michaels, Dana Jang, Matt Pacini, Jenna Birmingham, Antonio Muniz,  and Helen Meline

Kevin Kelley has brought Psychedelic Sunday back to K-ZAP! Sundays 10 until Noon

Tuesday at 8:00PM — listen to Floydian Slip (all things Pink Floyd: music, interview, information)

Thursday at 9:00PM — The Grateful Dead Hour (drawing from 50 years worth of unreleased recordings.)

Friday afternoons at 5:00 — Rush Hour Blues  (A set of bluesy music to help get you through the weekend jam)