The Music

K-ZAP always followed new music. Big superstar acts, local favorites, exciting emerging artists: if the song was a good one, K-ZAP would play it. Somehow, new music got cut from rock radio playlists decades ago. Hot new songs, even from bands that filled arenas, went un-aired. And, cool tunes from future rock mainstays? Forget it.

Sacramento's K-ZAP pledges to search for the new tracks that carry on the K-ZAP tradition started long ago. We think, no we KNOW, that it's the new music that adds freshness to the older music! And, it all sounds fantastic when we mix it together on Sacramento's K-ZAP.
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Just some of the artists you'll hear: Beck, The National, The Rolling Stones, Sleater Kinney, Tom Petty and more.

Click below on just a few of the profiles of the new artists Sacramento's K-ZAP plays. We add artists daily.