Coming to Cali … the Obama Freeway

Here’s the Pasadena apartment building where Obama lived (click for detail)

It’s currently called “The 134” — it runs between Glendale, Pasadena & Eagle Rock in So Cal. But the 134 is apparently about to get a new name: the Obama Freeway. The renaming has, so far, sailed through the State Senate (34-1) and now heads to the Assembly where passage is expected. We see no reason why Jerry Brown wouldn’t sign the legislation.

We’ve got all the details right here.

Despite your politics, there is precedence there. There’s the 26-mile long Ronald Reagan Freeway running between the San Fernando Valley and Moorpark.

It’s not a freeway but there’s a Gerald Ford Drive in Cathedral City and Palm Desert.

There was also The Richard M. Nixon Parkway in O.C. — Orange County. We say “was” because back in 1976, with his image tarnished by Watergate, the Nixon Parkway became the Marina Freeway.

& FYI: Here in California, we have several schools named after Obama and, in Monterey Bay community of Seaside, there’s Obama Way.

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