• Trump’s Councils Disbanded — the Amazing Inside Story

    When the President equated hate groups with the protesters opposing them, members of Trump’s elite business councils began quitting in droves. All the more amazing because Trump is, supposedly, all about business. Even more amazing too when we learn about the inside story of disenchanted CEO’s and a troubled Trump. As per usual, we’ve got

  • Better Living Through Science: How Driscoll Reinvented the Strawberry

    Suppose we could put this in the “better living through science” category. The science in this case is creating a better strawberry and the folks at Driscoll have done a pretty good job of reinventing. And wouldn’t you know it, much of that reinventing is done right here at UC Davis! In the words of

  • Post Charlottesville: “Don’t Be a Sucker”

    An anti-Nazi short film from the 1940s entitled “Don’t Be a Sucker” has gained new popularity since Charlottesville — new relevance too. The film suggests that old attitudes about fascism in America have never gone away! “Don’t Be a Sucker” feels strangely timely in 2017. Those who don’t learn from the past and destined to

  • Destruction Porn — China’s Largest Demo Ever

    OK, admit it. You too like to see buildings blown up — preferably old buildings w/o people inside! With that in mind, you’re in for a real treat as China performs its largest demolition ever. We’re talking 2 & 1/2 tons of explosive fun. 36 buildings destroyed in 20 seconds! Ready for a real treat?

  • Coming in October: Springsteen on Broadway

    It’s true. Springsteen is coming to Broadway in October. Bruce views his eight weeks of solo shows on the Great White Way at the less-than-a-thousand-seat Walter Kerr Theatre as an opportunity to be “as personal and intimate as possible.” We have the details of “Springsteen on Broadway.” Alas, that opportunity to play a small venue

  • 7 Shows Trump Should Watch on His Vacation

    As we know, 17 days on any vacation can be a bit to bear. That’s why the folks at the New York Times did a little perusing to pick the perfect pics for the Prez. By the way, we don’t include watching the news because he does that anyway — Fox News, of course. But

  • The Climate Change Report the Trump Administration Doesn’t Want Us to See

    The New York Times got a copy but that doesn’t mean the White House is anxious for us to see the contents. We’re talking about the most-detailed study yet on climate change. Climate change is happening NOW and this report contradicts claims about climate change made by President Trump and friends. And that brings up

  • Apple with One More Big Thing?

    Apple stock has gone through the roof as of late. Everyone’s excited about the latest i-phone that’s due out in the next several weeks — hopefully in time for back-to-school and the holidays. Meanwhile, Tim Cook & friends may have something else up their sleeves — an untethered version of the Apple Watch with the

  • Are You Prepared for the Solar Eclipse? Really Prepared?

    The total solar eclipse countdown is on. August 21st is the date and, by every measure, it’s going to be quite a day. We’re talking massive crowds and massive traffic jams. We’re talking the suggested deployment of the National Guard too. This has states, counties and towns along the path of the total solar eclipse

  • Job Offer: Defend Earth from Aliens; Get Paid $187,000!

    Yes, 187K for defending Earth from aliens. Become a Planetary Protection Officer. Hey, this is a REAL job — paid for by U.S. taxpayers. At least a couple of caveats though. Frequent travel may be required and you’ll need to pass a drug test. Want to know more? Check out this official U.S. govt link

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