• How To Get Rich in Trump’s Washington

    New President? New opportunity. And if it happens to be President Trump, some eye-opening opportunities. Among the requirements, though, is early allegiance to Donald J. (Some among us would be disqualified immediately.) For the chosen few though, like Robert Stryk, it’s an opportunity to … clean up! Stryk’s get-rich-quick story is right here.

  • News of a Trump Tower in Moscow — Is This the Smoking Gun?

    We remember when President Trump told us he had no business dealings with Russia save his beauty pageant. Turns out that isn’t true. In 2015 there was an effort underway to build a Trump Tower in Moscow! And with that effort, a series of incriminating emails including a prediction from Trump attorney Michael Cohen that

  • Amazon’s Whole Foods: Cheaper Avocados & Kale?

    The era of “whole paycheck” may be a thing of the past. Amazon is slated to officially take over on Monday and, with that takeover, a promise of cheaper food beginning immediately! And that includes, we’re told, even better bargains for users of Amazon Prime. Too good to be true? We’ve got much more about

  • Trump’s New Test for Immigrants: Could You Pass?

    The President wants to cut immigrancy to the U.S. in half. This will be done, we’re done, with a skills-based testing program that scores applicants on factors including age, education, income, job prospects and proficiency in English. And then there’s the test. Could you pass? Turns out only about 2% of American citizens would. Ready

  • The Wife of Trump’s Treasury Secretary in the Midst of a Multimedia Maelstrom

    She flits between a European vacation and a trip to the Hamptons. She tweets about the designer clothing she wears. The way-too-blonde blonde posts an Instagram photo of herself — Hermes bag on one arm, a Hermes scarf on the other — while she’s disembarking from a government jet! We’re talking about Louise Linton, the

  • The Great Solar Eclipse in 116 Seconds

    So everyone loved Monday’s Great Total Solar Eclipse. And well they should. Turns out the event is the most photographed event in human history and prompts the biggest/fastest migration (folks heading to the 60-mile wide swath) in human history. All the more amazing that videographers and photographers can cram an awesome recap in just 116

  • Mercedes Unveils the Coolest Electric Car Yet

    Luxury vehicles in the Art Deco era of the 1930’s were obscenely long and dominated by seemingly never-ending clean lines. So it comes as no surprise that the newest 30’s-inspired Mercedes Cabriolet is 20 feet long! — in other words, good luck finding a parking space. 750 horsepower, zero to 60 in under four seconds

  • Swastikas & the Strange Symbols of the Alt-Right — What Do They Really Mean?

    We’ve all seen them — swastikas, celtic-like and clan-like symbols worn by protestors of the extreme right. And then, of course, there are the stars-and-bars of the confederate flag. Turns out the aforementioned are just a small sampling of the inventory available to the alt-right. What are those other symbols? What do they all mean?

  • Trump’s Councils Disbanded — the Amazing Inside Story

    When the President equated hate groups with the protesters opposing them, members of Trump’s elite business councils began quitting in droves. All the more amazing because Trump is, supposedly, all about business. Even more amazing too when we learn about the inside story of disenchanted CEO’s and a troubled Trump. As per usual, we’ve got

  • Better Living Through Science: How Driscoll Reinvented the Strawberry

    Suppose we could put this in the “better living through science” category. The science in this case is creating a better strawberry and the folks at Driscoll have done a pretty good job of reinventing. And wouldn’t you know it, much of that reinventing is done right here at UC Davis! In the words of

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