• Trump Talks Taxes — on the Internet!

    If you were to take a poll, we’re thinking the average Joe or Jane thinks we already pay too much in taxes (don’t tell that to our friends in Scandinavia). And so it’s of special note that we learn that President Trump believes in internet taxes? At least it seems that way. The kerfuffle begins with

  • Global Cyber Warfare — We’ve Got the Details

    They call it Petya. The cyberattack that first strikes Ukraine has now hit government agencies, utility distributors and financial institutions around the world. Who’s behind it? Those demand for money, do we pay up? How might you and I prepare ourselves for this and future  onslaughts? Important questions when we learn that computers can be

  • Climate Change is Real, Mr. Trump

    There’s no time to kick back — future generations of people, animal and plant life are at stake. We’re talking, of course, about global warming and, this time around, we have team coverage from our friends at the New York Times. The rapid rise of carbon in the atmosphere is reflected by new concerns by

  • Meet Martha — the World’s Ugliest Dog!

    News out of Petaluma this weekend with the crowning of the World’s Ugliest Dog. In recent years, winners of that annual contest included the old, the tiny and, in recent years, the hairless. It’s all different this year. Martha is the favorite of the Northern California crowd from the very beginning. The judges didn’t even

  • Check Out This Snafu on the BBC’s 10 o’clock News!

    The BBC gives new meaning to the terms “Technical Difficulties” and “Please Stand By.” Anchor Hew Edwards is left “standing by” … but, in fact, he’s live for millions of Brits to see on their tellies. We’ve got the complete details including the video (thanks to our friends at TVNewser and the somewhat red-faced Beeb).

  • Hot Car Deaths? A 10-Year Old Comes Up with a Life Saver!

    Wow. Timing could not be more apropos. In the midst of a record-breaking heat wave and on this the longest day of the year, we learn about a device that could save lives in hot cars — and it was invested by a 10-year old! When youngster Bishop Curry heard that his neighbor’s 6-month-old infant

  • Your Global Warming IQ? Take the Test Right Here!

    Just out: 100 potential global warming solutions! This is certainly news we can use. But with so many choices, any ideas as to which ones are best? Which ones are worst by the amount of greenhouse gases they could cut? Take the test and hopefully you’ll do better than we did! Yes, news we can use

  • President Trump Obstructed Justice? Read What the Washington Post is Reporting

    Times are tough for Trump — and apparently getting tougher. This as the Washington Post is reporting that Justice Dept. special counsel Robert Mueller is investigating the President for obstruction of justice. Moreover, we’ve learned the probe has now widened to include three top intelligence officials. Inquiring minds want to know and, in this case,

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