• Is a Tesla in Your Future? Elon Musk Bets on YES!

    Back in the day, folks couldn’t go cross country without gas stations. Fast forward to now and the Tesla folks face the same dilemma — until now. Tesla will double for size of their Supercharger Electric Car Charging Network this year to 10,000 public charging units globally. California will get 1,000 of those new units.

  • Uber Update: What the Ride-Sharing Titans Are Really Up To!

    Ride sharing is big, getting bigger and not about to go away … unless! Such is the case with Uber. The company has grown f-a-s-t ! They’re in more than 70 countries with a valuation nearing 70 billion bucks. Uber’s biggest problem these days? Industry analysts say it’s Travis Kalanick, Uber CEO. He has, we’re

  • Your Complete Guide to 4 – 20

    Who would think that April 20th would become a holiday for the counter-culture and on its way to becoming mainstream? Heady stuff. Rather we spend some time in celebration — celebration of how far we’ve come. General Mills’ Totino Pizza Rolls with a “Stock Up B4/20” ad campaign targeting stoners? Recreational or medical marijuana now legal

  • Where Your Tax Money REALLY Goes!

    President Trump has his tax reform package that’s stalled big time. Democrats refuse to play ball with Trump until he reveals his past tax records — and does anyone see that happening? That news, along with the fact that Tuesday was “Tax Day” gives us reason to reveal the coolest of websites — for folks

  • Marijuana Inc. — It’s Coming to Cali

    The recent history of marijuana cultivation in California is so … quaint. Overwhelmingly small growers in hidden corners of mostly Northern Cal. We all knew it was gonna get big but now that government is involved, it’s destined to be big. We not talking just regulation either. Big business and big government ofttimes go hand

  • Trudeau Says Legal Recreational Pot is Coming to Canada

    Ever wanted to emigrate to Canada? Thousands did during the Vietnam War. Now, perhaps a new reason to join our Neighbors to the North? With the Trump Administration seemingly ready to pounce of pot proponents in this country, Prime Minister Trudeau is ready to legalize recreational pot in Canada. If Trudeau’s bill passes (as expected),

  • Searching for China’s Fountain of Youth

    This is crazy! Or is it? We’ll let you decide. It’s called Longevity-Themed Tourism and it’s booming these days in China. Visitors breathing clean air, drinking “longevity water,” seeking cures like snake and scorpion secretions. Dare to take the cure? Dare to learn more?

  • Consumer Alert: TV Ads Now Speaking to Our Smart Devices!

    Watching TV? Beware … because a commercial you’re watching may intentionally activate your Google home device. A 15-second Burger King commercial is the latest culprit — you can watch but beware if Alexa or Google are listening. Sound a bit like Big Brother? You’re not alone in your concern. We’ve got the cautionary concerns detailed

  • Saying Goodbye to Another Rock n Roller: J. Geils

    We are sadden again. Guitarist John Warren Geils Jr. has left us. He was 71. Better known as J. Geils, he was the founding member of the J. Geils Band and with vocalist Peter Wolf, the band became, as we all know, rock n roll mainstays. We have much more on the passing of J.

  • A Leaping Shark All Too Near Surfers — See the Video

    Jeez louise! A surfer’s worst nightmare has got to be a worst case scenario with a shark. All the more frightening when the shark encounter is caught on video. Such is the case in So Cal waters near Trestles — an all too popular surf spot. We’ve got the video to prove it! Hey, and

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