• Vintage Sacramento Strip Clubs & More

    Kudos to the Sacramento County Historical Society for their installation at Art Street — a follow-up to the incredibly successful Art Hotel exhibit. On display are dozens of historic photos and stories of Sacramento “back in the day.” We especially enjoyed the ads from Sacramento strip clubs, restaurants and more. We took photos of just a

  • Zuckerberg Rebuffs Trump; Time He Says for a “Global Community”

    He’s quite the dude. Mark Zuckerberg has done with Facebook what no one predicted … no one. Yet the CEO is far from finished when it comes to goals and aspirations. It’s time, Mark says, to cast aside President Trump’s isolationist “American First” sentiment. “We have to build a global community that works for everyone.”

  • Beyond Oroville: Our Concerns Continue

    The rain is here. Two storms — one now, the second during the weekend. A third stronger, wetter, warmer onslaught expected to hit Northern Cal Monday night and into Tuesday. How will the fragile Oroville Dam perform during these several days of wet weather? And looking ahead, will that bounty of Sierra snowpack cause issues

  • Westminster Kennel Club Dogs … Up Close & Personal!

    First things first. Congrats to Rumor, a German Shepherd, winner of this year’s Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show! We’ve got “team coverage” — that means complete details of the big show with Rumor standing tall amongst the 3-thousand dogs (& their trainers) in attendance … as well as 22 photos of this, the 141st annual

  • Valentine’s Day Special: Finding Love

    In the words of the author, “Is there a proven strategy for finding love? If so, I suspect millions of people would like to know.” Forget the antiquated rules. Don’t lower your expectations. Surely there’s a science to this. Here’s a time-tested piece on Finding Love (thank you NY Times).

  • More $ to Visit the Mouse House

    Somethings are inevitable: death, taxes and the cost of visiting Disneyland going up! And to think we remember when Disney had a, b, c & e tickets for the price of individual rides? Pay One Price (an entrance fee) has been the norm for decades — as has been the escalating cost of admission (and

  • Newspaper ID’s SNL’s Baldwin as Trump

    Whoops! Turns out Alec Baldwin is so convincing, a Dominican Republic newspaper runs a photo of the actor portraying President Trump instead of Trump! El Nacional apologizes on its website but not before the gaffe becomes an internet darling. And who are we to stop the viral views?

  • Trump & S.N.L. — Strange Bedfellows

    Donald Trump for some 30 years loved Saturday Night Live. These days? Not so much. It all changed, we’re told, when Alec Baldwin became Donald J. It’s a great story with some awesome S.N.L. video clips from over the years.

  • Stephen Curry: Donald Trump’s an Ass

    The best in basketball goes political — something Stephen Curry typically doesn’t like to do. Bottomline, the Warrior Great calls President Trump an ass. The San Jose Mercury-News has the scoop on Stephen and we share it with you here.    

  • See the Latest Chapter of “Living the Dream” in California

    We’ve all seen the “Visit California” commercials. The storyline? Our tourism board featuring celebs who give multiple reasons why folks should visit our Golden State. Well, there’s a brand new “Visit California” spot out there we’d like to share with you — even though most of you already call Cali home.

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