• Using Ultra Awesome JPL Tech, Check Out Our Sierra Snowpack!

    We know there’s lots of snow up in the Sierra but just how much? The State of California uses long poles poked into certain spots to measure the depth of the white stuff. Our high tech friends at JPL have a better way. We share it with you here!

  • Work Ethic Goes Awry: Working One’s Self to Death

    What is it with Americans? We don’t take vacations and in Europe, they’re on holiday for allĀ of August. Americans work 40 hours a week (actually more); in France, they go out on strike with a 32 hour work week. Great piece in the New Yorker on this very subject that deserves our attention. “The Gig

  • Disney Steals Zootopia from Total Recall Screenwriter?

    Could this be the biggest Hollywood trial since OJ decided to take his Ford Bronco out for an extended spin? Screenwriter Gary Goldman charges that Disney ripped Zootopia off from him … stealing character designs, themes, lines of dialogue and even the name Zootopia. The House of the Mouse is, of course, denying the charges

  • How to Lose Four Billion Bucks … in a Hurry!

    A couple of years ago, he was on top of the world — a billionaire before he hit 50 and generating big bucks for his investors. Today it’s a different story for hedge fund manager William Ackman. Just how did he and fellow investors lose four billion dollars so quickly? For anyone ever interested in

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