The War On Drugs

Origin: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Genres: Americana, Indie, psychedelic rock

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Pennsylvania produces its share of rock and roll bands, and The War On Drugs hails from Philadelphia. TWOD was formed in 2005 and now consists of Adam Granduciel (vocals, guitar), David Hartley (bass), Robbie Bennett (keyboards), Charlie Hall (drums), Jon Natchez (saxophone, keyboards) and Anthony LaMarca (guitar).

Founded by close collaborators Granduciel and Kurt Vile, The War on Drugs released their debut studio album, Wagonwheel Blues, in 2008. Vile departed shortly after its release to focus on his solo career. The band’s second studio album Slave Ambient was released in 2011 to favorable reviews and extensive touring.

Written and recorded following extensive touring and a period of loneliness and depression for primary songwriter Granduciel, the band’s third album, Lost in the Dream, was released in 2014 to widespread critical acclaim and increased exposure. Previous collaborator Charlie Hall joined the band as its full-time drummer during the recording process, with saxophonist Jon Natchez and additional guitarist Anthony LaMarca accompanying the band for its world tour and that’s how to Make Your Life Your Masterpiece.

In an article in the Consequence of Sound, Adam says, “starting with Wagonwheel Blues in 2008, The War on Drugs’ full-length albums have come out every two and a half to three years, but music-making hardly stops” for Granduciel, born Adam Granofsky. Contrary to the widely held belief that he’s vinyl-obsessed, he says he’d “rather buy gear than records.”

His ultimate goal? “A 32-channel Pro Tools interface and 16-channel tape machine” Adam says.

In June 2015, TWOD signed with Atlantic Records for a two-album deal.

On Record Store Day, April 22, 2017, The War on Drugs released their new single “Thinking of a Place.” The single was produced by frontman Granduciel and Shawn Everett. Six days later, The War on Drugs announced a fall 2017 tour in North America and Europe and that a new album was imminent.

On June 1, 2017, a new song, “Holding On”, was released, and it was announced that their fourth album would be titled A Deeper Understanding and was released on August 25, 2017.

The 2017 tour began in September, opening in the band’s hometown, Philadelphia and it concludes in November in Sweden. K-ZAP 93.3 FM is playing the song “Pain” from this new release. You can also hear it online in the station’s stream at K-ZAP.ORG/LISTEN/.


Wagonwheel Blues (2008)
Slave Ambient (2011)
Lost In The Dream (2014)
A Deeper Understanding (2017)