The Revivalists

Origin: New Orleans, Louisiana

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Genres: indie rock, Jam band, soul-funk

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The Revivalists are an American rock/soul band formed in New Orleans in 2007.The 7-piece band consists of Ed Williams (Pedal Steel Guitar), David Shaw (Vocals), Zack Feinberg (Guitar), Rob Ingraham (Saxophone), George Gekas (Bass), Andrew Campanelli (Drums), and Michael Girardot (Keys/Trumpet). The group’s freshly interesting sound is best described by David Fricke of Rolling Stone as “a Crescent City-rhythm spin on jam-band jubilee.”

The Revivalists got their start during jam sessions at New Orleans club Tipitina’s Sunday Music Workshops where guitarist Zack Feinberg and drummer Andrew Campanelli first met.

The band found their frontman David Shaw by pure luck when Feinberg rode past Shaw singing a song called “Purple Heart” on his front porch. The two struck up a conversation and got together later that day to jam. Eventually they got their shot at Checkpoint Charlie after passing an open mic audition at that Esplanade Avenue dive bar/laundromat, forming an early version of the band within a week when they decided an official name was needed for their kickoff show at Tipitina’s in New Orleans. With The Revivalists, it’s like Pearl Jam met a New Orleans funk/soul/jazz band and had a beautiful child.

Their new album, Men Amongst Mountains  is just out with “Wish I Knew You” as the lead track and video.