The Bacon Brothers

Origin: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Genres: American Rock, Blues-Rock, Garage Rock, Roots Rock

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The Bacon Brothers is the musical brother duo of Michael and Kevin Bacon. Although they have played music together since they were boys, the brothers have only been a working band since 1995.

An Emmy and Golden Globe nominee Kevin is the youngest of six children with numerous TV and stage projects to his credit including his breakout role in 1984’s “Footloose.” Brother Michael is an Emmy winning composer who was a member of the late 1960’s group Good News prior to moving to Nashville where he became a successful songwriter and composer.

Enhancing his musical knowledge, Michael graduated from the Bronx’s Lehman College–one of two institutions at which he teaches–in 1995 with a music degree where he studied composition and orchestration with award-winning composer John Corigliano.

Currently residing a few blocks from each other in New York City, the singer-songwriters formed The Bacon Brothers in the mid-1990s. The lineup, intact since the group’s formation, features Michael on vocals, guitar and cello, and Kevin on vocals, guitar and percussion, along with: Paul Guzzone, bass and backing vocals; Joe Mennonna, keyboards and accordion; Ira Siegel, lead guitar, mandolin and backing vocals; and Frank Vilardi, drums, eschew any hit of glitz and glamour in favor of an ethic gleaned from the hard lessons that come as a result of determination and drive.

Fiercely devoted to making music from an early age the Bacon Brothers cite such influences as The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Motown, Led Zeppelin, Philly soul among others. The two siblings share a singular body of work that’s found them spending more than 20 years of working the road and paying their dues.

The title of the act’s debut album, 1997′s Forosoco, stemmed from the first two letters in the genres of folk, rock, soul and country. The brothers–who once opened for one of their many influences, The Band, at Carnegie Hall–have released nine albums to date. Their latest is the eponymously titled 2018 album The Bacon Brothers, spans rock, soul, folk and Americana with former “Saturday Night Live” music director G.E. Smith handling production duties.

The album kicks off with perhaps the most accessible and radio-friendly song these siblings have ever recorded, the wistful “Tom Petty T-Shirt,” written shortly after the rock icon’s passing. On this album the guitar strumming duo has scaled back its curve to deliver musicianship and lyrics proficient in their construction, and relatable in their direction.

Songs like “I Feel You” rides an acoustic foundation along a landscape left behind; and “Tom Petty T-Shirt” references an understated approach to consolation.

“Sometimes, maturity brings you back to a more simple approach, whether that’s in terms of chord progressions or production or lyrics,” said Kevin. “The new material has this type of simplicity to it, and I think it works really well.”

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Bacon Brother discography

Forosoco (1997)
Getting There (1999)
Can’t Complain (2001)
The Bacon Brothers Live (2003)
White Knuckles (2005)
New Years Day (2008)
Philadelphia Road, Best of (2011)
36¢ (2014)