Teenage Wrist

Origin: Los Angeles

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Genres: alternative rock, Garage Rock, indie rock

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Teenage Wrist is a Los Angeles alt-rock trio formed in 2015 when they released their debut EP “Dazed” followed in 2018 by their first full length album Chrome Neon Jesus.

Comprised of Anthony Salazar (drums), Marshall Gallagher (guitar and vocals) and Kamtin Mohager (bass guitar, vocals) their sound is characterized as a mixture of obscured vocals, guitar distortion and effects along with feedback and overwhelming  volume. Bridging the styles of garage rock, 60’s psychedelia and American Indie bands such as Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr., Teenage Wrist cites other direct influences as the Cure and the Velvet Underground.

Teenage Wrist’s excellent debut LP Chrome Neon Jesus follows their promising 2015 EP, “Dazed.” Produced and engineered by the Grammy winning Carlos De La Garza (Jimmy Eat World and Paramore) the record combines dreamy vocals with distorted guitars and alt-rock into a timeless modern-edged sound. Throughout the album the band explore emotional terrain that guitarist Gallagher describes as “realizing that the world is bigger, brighter and more terrifying than you ever imagined.”

Chrome Neon Jesus contains many standout tracks including “Dweeb” that starts off with monstrous drum and bass grooves before kicking into form as the first screeching guitar hits. With its mellow verse section the song builds to an effective, but catchy heavy chorus and showcases Teenage Wrist’s balance of heavy guitars and melancholic qualities.

Another gem is “Stoned Alone” with one of the catchiest (but also simplest) opening riffs and vocal melodies. Remarkable for its description of heartbreak in an original and unique fashion. The song has become a fan favorite and standout hit with more than 1.5 million Spotify streams.

Describing the process for nailing down Teenage Wrist’s sound bassist/vocalist Kamtin Mohager explains “We wanted to be a loud alternative rock band. It was that simple.”

On comparing their current output to their beginnings Mohager states “I feel that we are doing that exact same thing, but doing it better than we ever have. We are improving ourselves with every song written, on a personal and musical level.”

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