Stewart Lindsey

Origin: Deridder. Louisiana; LA

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Genres: Americana, Blues

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Stewart Lindsey is the new band of Dave Stewart (Eurythmics)  and Thomas Lindsey.

Dave Stewart, the songwriter, arranger and guitarist best known as one half of new wave sensations Eurythmics, has formed a new project with a Louisiana singer by the name of Thomas Lindsey. The pair are calling themselves Stewart Lindsey, and their debut album, Spitballin’, was released in June, 2016.

The two artists joined forces in the most unlikely–and most modern–of ways. Lindsey, a native of Deridder, LA and a lifelong fan of Eurythmics, caught his idol’s attention with a tweet, which set in motion a series of events that led to their first album.

“I read it and clicked on the link,” Stewart recalls. “And there he was, singing something on a YouTube video. I don’t remember what it was but there was no music. He was singing a cappella. And I went, ‘Holy crap!’”

Stewart was so impressed by the young performer’s chops that he invited him to sing three songs, unaccompanied, before his solo show at the Troubadour in Los Angeles.

“The audience went silent in about eight seconds,” Stewart notes. “Then they all started talking, like, ‘Who the hell is this kid?’ and by the time he’d finished, they loved it. It verified my assumption that Thomas is not a normal singer and that he did not sing anything that didn’t sound unique.”

After a few more shows together, the pair began collaborating on original material from their respective homes in Los Angeles and Deridder, bouncing audio files between one another as they figured out their sound.

“I heard things in Thomas’s voice that sounded like they came from more than 100 years ago,” Stewart adds. “I’d produced a film down in Mississippi called Deep Blues in the early 90’s where I filmed all these blues players–some of them already in their 70s and 80s. It was incredible to hear that same bluesy/voodoo quality again and to realize it was coming from a white kid from DeRidder, mixed in with bits of Nina Simone from the ’50s and ’60s. Plus, his range is nuts; it goes off the charts in his high notes and all the way to the basement as well.”

Stewart Lindsey’s first single, “Another Lie,” is a twangy number that harkens back to the early blues era that Stewart is so fond of. The song also features some propulsive rock elements and proves that Stewart wasn’t far off in his assessment of his new bandmate’s vocal abilities.

Give the tune a listen here (it should be noted that the star of the video is 13-year-old Indya Love, not Lindsey).