Robin Trower

Origin: Catford, England

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Genres: Blues-Rock, psychedelic rock, Rock

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Born on March 9, 1945, in Catford, England, Robin Trower spent the early ’60s playing guitar in various London-based outfits. It wasn’t until 1967 that Trower received his big break, however, when he joined Procol Harum.

After five albums, Trower embarked on a solo career as leader of a power trio and switched to a Fender Stratocaster almost exclusively. His guitar playing style has been described as an uncanny ability to channel Jimi Hendrix’s bluesy, psychedelic sounds.

Working with singer and bassist James Dewar, Trower’s first three albums in the early 70’s filled the void after Hendrix died. “Bridge of Sighs” (1974) was his most popular release and he headlined arena concerts through the decade.

Changes to modernize his blues-rock style in the 80’s were unsuccessful and the 90’s continued his search. Trower briefly rejoined Procol Harum in 1991 (“Prodigal Stranger”) and then backed Bryan Ferry on two releases.

After Y2K, Robin Trower greeted the new millennium with a new album, “Go My Way” (2000) and with Ferry for “Frantic” (2002). “Living Out Of Time” (2004) featured many members of his late 80’s band and was followed by more albums every few years.

Four more Trower records appeared after 2010, including his newest, “Where Are You Going To?” (2016) and a year that included a very successful tour of the USA. According to sources, Trower intends to tour again in 2017.