Nikki Hill

Origin: Durham, North Carolina

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Genres: Blues-Rock, Punk soul, Roots Rock

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Nikki  Hill is a Durham, North Carolina vocalist, lyricist and bandleader.  Hill immersed herself into North Carolina’s roots scene to find a connection between what she saw at local shows in Chapel Hill, and the intense praise dancing, gospel shouting church services she attended and sang with up until she was a teen.

Hill could be an enigma to her audiences that had come to see her.  Music posters portrayed a woman wearing a headwrap or natural hairstyle with quasi-retro leanings.  What audiences discovered was a modern young black woman playing an unbridled electric guitar driven performance with a southern twang cutting through the heavy soul groove.

Nikki’s unique voice—with raw rock and soul dynamics mixed with the strength, passion, and honesty of blues shouters of the past—steers the driving guitar and a tight rhythm section to create a breath of fresh air with her fast forward approach to American roots music.

Hill and her band have toured extensively since the 2013 release of her debut album Here’s Nikki Hill.  On her latest album 2018’s Feline Roots Nikki again displays her now well-known stance to champion for the pioneers of roots and rock n’ roll.   The songs bend through supercharged blues, punk soul, revival tent gospel and rockabilly shouts.

Reference –

Nikki Hill discography

Here’s Nikki Hill (2013)

Heavy Heart, Hard Fists (2016)

Feline Roots (2018)

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Check out Nikki Hill performing “Might Get Killed Tonight.”