Joseph James

Origin: Bloomfield, New Jersey

Link: Facebook

Genres: Singer-songwriter

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There’s a new sound coming from the East Coast, and the sound is called Joseph James. Distinctive vocals and sensitive lyrics intermingle into the inimitable musical style of Joseph James.

Singer-songwriter Joseph James comes from a musical family. His grandmother bought him a guitar at an early age. She taught him a few chords, but the rest he taught himself. “Out of my whole family, (besides my grandparents), my sister and I were by far the most musically gifted. Having a sister with such a good ear was great, because it almost became a competition to see who could write the best lyrics or sing the most accurate scale. She taught me more than she knows about music and I give a lot of credit to her for my success,” says Joseph.

Writing his first song at the age of 13, “Six Cigarettes Deep” was more characteristic of someone who was older. It was then friends and family knew he had a special talent. According to Joseph, “for me, there is no better feeling than finishing a song and knowing that you just created a beautiful piece of art.”

Born on September 26th 1995 in Bloomfield, New Jersey, Joseph played in a band called Curbside Venue. While with Curbside Venue, he wrote one of his favorite songs “My Mother Mary.” “The lyrics take me back to a time when I was overcoming some of the most difficult times of my life’” he says.

Now going solo, Joseph has partnered with Alex Morelli Music to produce his first album. With titles like “Bright like a Sunshine”, “Replace”, “Bigger Than Us” and “Dance Baby Dance” once you listen to him, you’re going to want to hear Joseph James over and over.

Very passionate about his blend of pop and rock, Joseph definitely belongs to that category of performers and songwriters who put them and their personalities into what they are trying to achieve with their sound and vision. His mix of pop and rock echoes forward-thinking artists such as Ben Gibbard (Death Cab For Cutie), Connor Oberst (Bright Eyes) or Arcade Fire, just to mention a few.

“My philosophy on music is that it should make people feel their emotions. It is as simple as that; whether they are sad, happy, or angry, music should make your feelings come to life,” says Joseph. And, that’s exactly what happens when you listen.