James McMurtry

Origin: Leesburg, Virginia, US

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Genres: American Rock, Folk, Indie, Rock

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Jame McMurtry

James McMurtry (born March 18, 1962, Fort Worth, Texas) is an American rock and folk-rock/americana singer, songwriter, guitarist, bandleader and occasional actor (Daisy Miller, Lonesome Dove). He performs with veteran bandmates Daren Hess, Cornbread, and Tim Holt.

His father, novelist Larry McMurtry, gave him his first guitar at age seven. His mother, an English professor, taught him how to play it: “My mother taught me three chords and the rest I just stole as I went along. I learned everything by ear or by watching people.”

1989 Too Long in the Wasteland
1992 Candyland
1995 Where’d You Hide the Body
1997 It Had to Happen
1998 Walk Between the Raindrops
2002 Saint Mary of the Woods
2004 Live in Aught-Three
2005 Childish Things
2007 Best of the Sugar Hill Years
2008 Just Us Kids
2009 Live in Europe
2015 Complicated Game


Album: Complicated Game, “How’m I Gonna Find You Now