Jackson Browne

Origin: Heidelberg, Germany

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Genres: American Rock, Folk rock, Singer-songwriter

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It’s likely Jackson Browne was destined to become actively concerned with the US role in international politics. Browne was born October 9, 1948, in Heidelberg, Germany, where his father Clyde Jack Browne, an American serviceman, was stationed for his job assignment with the Stars and Stripes newspaper. So it’s natural the young Browne was always destined to be concerned about human rights and other issues.

Browne and his family moved to Los Angeles when he was three years old and by the time he was a teenager, he had developed an interest in folk music. He began playing guitar and writing songs, which he sang at local folk clubs. He’s produced 14 studio albums, now lives in Santa Barbara and has carried the responsibility for the “California sound” into the 80’s and well into the 2000’s.

Rolling Stone magazine charts Browne’s achievements, and writes, “as if bedding both Nico and Daryl Hannah wasn’t accomplishment enough, three of Browne’s albums found their way onto Rolling Stone‘s Top 500 Albums of All Time. Plus, he’s written songs for the Eagles, guest-voiced on The Simpsons and blazed the party trail with John Kerry and Ralph Nader.”

JB says in the Rolling Stone interview, this generation lacks a great singer-songwriter (Sorry, Sufjan and Bright Eyes): “Sometimes I walk around thinking, ‘Where’s the next crop of brilliant writers? Where’s the Leonard Cohen or the Warren Zevon when people don’t really get played.’ There isn’t that engine of getting played on the radio. The ladder got dismantled.” Umm, not quite.

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Jackson Browne (1972)
For Everyman (1973)
Late For The Sky (1974)
The Pretender (1976)
Running On Empty (1977)
Hold Out (1980)
Lawyers In Love (1983)
Lives In The Balance (1986)
World In Motion (1989)
I’m Alive (1993)
Looking East (1996)
The Naked Ride Home (2002)
Time The Conqueror (2008)
Standing In The Breach (2014)