Father John Misty

Origin: Rockville, Maryland

Link: Facebook

Genres: Americana rock, comtemporary folk

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Father John Misty is the stage name of Joshua Michael Tillman, an American singer and songwriter. He’s a man with a million thoughts about a million things, so it’s no surprise he’s also a prolific musician, releasing 11 albums and seven EP’s, plus eight singles. Tillman has been DIY recording steadily since 2004.

Born in Rockville, Maryland, Tillman has a younger brother and two sisters. At an early age he decided to make music his career. Joshua learned to play the drums and at age 12 took up the guitar. The content of his songs were certain to be affected by the spiritual aspects of his upbringing, which he describes as “culturally oppressive.” He and his parents were estranged for many years, but have since resumed contact.

After a brief period of time he spent in a New York college, Tillman moved to Seattle at age 21 and joined a succession of eleven groups plying the Pacific Northwest indie rock scene.

He got noticed opening for Damien Jurado and was signed to the indie Fargo label, which issued his first solo album “Minor Works” (2006) followed by four more albums. In 2008 Tillman joined Fleet Foxes as their drummer and left after four years for his renewed solo career and sound under the pseudonym “Father John Misty.”

Tillman’s “Father John Misty” reinvented image and music is displayed in his next three albums, “Fear Fun” (2012) and “I Love You Honeybear” (2015). His latest and third album is titled “Pure Comedy,” due to drop April 7th.