David Ramirez

Origin: Houston, Texas

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Genres: alternative rock, Americana

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Austin, Texas is a great magnet for aspiring musicians of all genres. Ask 29 year old David Ramirez, who was born in the Bat City, yet seems to ask questions and write music at the same time. Paste magazine called him “the best damn songwriter you don’t know yet” and folk stars The Civil Wars praised him as “soulful, stirring, heartbreaking.”

Ramirez’s new fourth album We’re Not Going Anywhere finds the dynamically dour singer meditating on the way things linger: doomed relationships, the vanity of stage lights, the song of an unknown Oklahoma piano player, and the vestiges of our existences after death, as a review in the Austin Chronicle expresses it.

After eight years of relentless touring, toting modern melancholy, Ramirez reaches ever deep inside himself.

“If there’s no personal conviction to a song, why would anyone give a sh*t?” he asks. “I’ve learned that it’s important, contributing in that capacity, because people really need it. I’m not saying they need my records, but they need conviction and I need it too.” The album’s title says it in more than four words: “We’re Not Going Anywhere.”

Hear his authenticity in the song “Stone Age,” now playing on K-ZAP 93.3 FM and spinning on our stream at K-ZAP.ORG/LISTEN/


American Soil (2009)
Apologies (2012)
The Serial Box Sessions (2014)
Fables (2015)
We’re Not Going Anywhere (2017)

Video: “Stone Age”

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