Dave Hause

Origin: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Genres: Alt-folk, alternative rock

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Dave Hause (born 1978) is an American singer-songwriter who has played in multiple Philadelphia area punk and hardcore bands in the 90’s. He currently performs solo as well as sings and plays guitar in The Loved Ones and The Falcon.

Hause has earned his cred and sharpened his guitar chops in a variety of local bands including Step Ahead, The Curse, Paint It Black, the Loved Ones, the All Brights and Kid Dynamite.

Although Hause has a new home in California, he says “I like to make rock n’ roll music because that’s what I love and I don’t care if Zeppelin or the Stones aren’t cool to the punks… it’s cool to me and that’s what matters.” In that spirit, Bury Me In Philly is a love letter both to his hometown as well as the larger-than-life rock acts he grew up worshiping as a teenager.

In 2009, Hause performed solo material alongside Chuck Ragan, Tim Barry, and Jim Ward as part of Ragan’s Revival Tour, a collaborative folk concert tour. Hause released his first solo release being a 7″ single in May 2010. He released a CD single in December, 2010, followed by the January 24 release of his debut, full-length solo album, Resolutions via Paper + Plastick.

On 12 April 2011 a video was released for the song “Time Will Tell.” The video pays homage to the 1967 Martin Scorsese short film The Big Shave. He was featured in The Gaslight Anthem’s music video for their single “Bring It On” off of their album American Slang.

His second release followed on the heels of being signed to Rise Records and it was later announced that Rise would release his second solo album Devour, in October 2013. His newest effort is set to drop February 3rd.

Although Bury Me In Philly is a Dave Hause album, it was also greatly inspired by the other people involved in the production of the album, most notably Eric Bazilian of Philadelphia rock legends The Hooters. “The Hooters were the first concert I ever saw when I was eight years old and it definitely made a huge impression on me,” Hause explains on his web site’s bio page.

In fact, during the pre-production process Hause was constantly sending songs to Bazilian who actually performed The Hooters classic “And We Danced” onstage with the Hause the last time he was in town. “Things weren’t working out with my original producer and Eric expressed that he would want to produce the album and suddenly he went from my hero to a causal friend to a co-collaborator.”

Recorded at Bazilian’s home studio with him and Grammy Award winning producer William Wittman, the album is the ultimate homage to Hause’s past and is a timeless take on rock music’s enduring spirit.

Hause has cited Hot Water Music, Social Distortion, the Ramones, the Clash, and Pearl Jam, among others, as influences.

Sacramento’s K-ZAP 93.3 FM is spinning his third album’s title, “Bury Me In Philly” and also online at K-ZAP.ORG/LISTEN.


Resolutions (2011)
Devour (2013)
Bury Me in Philly (2017)

Video: “Bury Me In Philly”

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