Chris Shiflett

Origin: Santa Barbara, California

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Genres: Alt-country, Americana, Americana rock, Roots Rock

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Guitarist and southern California native, Chris Shiflett has established himself as a prominent sideman in the alt/punk world. When Shiflett was 11, he started learning how to play the guitar. He joined his first band by the time he reached the age of 14.

Shiflett began his career as a member of the Santa Barbara glam punk outfit Lost Kittenz, which featured Steve Sherlock (who would go on to form Nerf Herder) and Marko DeSantis (of Sugarcult fame). In 1995, Shiflett joined No Use for a Name, playing guitar as a part of their rotating lineup up until 1999.

Shiflett left No Use to take over guitar duties for the Foo Fighters, replacing short-lived guitarist Franz Stahl (who had previously replaced the Germs’ Pat Smear). He made his album debut with the band on 2002’s One by One, and continues to play with them.

Looking for an outlet for his own songwriting, Shiflett has also created a number of side projects and that brings us to his new band, Shiflett & The Dead Peasants. In this unit, he’s been honing his modern country singer-songwriter chops.

Shiflett presented his version of country rock on his first album. The second album, All Hat and No Cattle is a collection of honky-tonk covers and original tracks. The new album, West Coast Town, is due out April 14th. Currently spinning on K-ZAP, is “Sticks and Stones,” on the video below.


Chris Shiflett & the Dead Peasants (2010)
All Hat and No Cattle (2013)
West Coast Town (2017)