Origin: Denton, Texas

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Genres: American Rock, British Pop Rock, Folk rock, Jam band, Singer-songwriter

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Members of Midlake have rounded up a group of their friends to start a new group called BNQT, pronounced “banquet.” The group features 5 lead singers–Ben Bridwell of Band of Horses, Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand, Jason Lytle of Grandaddy, Fran Healy of Travis, and Midlake’s Eric Pulido–and have released Vol. 1, a 10-song album of originals, earlier this year via the label Bella Union/Dualtone.

The concept came to Pulido whilst he was touring Midlake’s 2013 album Antiphon. Pulido wanted to gather a number of contrasting yet complementary artists he’d befriended or shared the stage with and establish an environment in which they could collaborate. Pulido said “That’s what art is about for me, creating with other people that you love and appreciate.”

Due to members being spread around the world, recordings were either done through travel to Denton or remotely over the internet. Each band member contributed two songs to the album.

The British Independent newspaper offered this review: “Despite their diversity, a mood is sustained through Midlake’s arrangements, which draw on fond ‘70s influences, from the glam-rock boogie of “Restart” to the sweeping yacht-rock sheen of “Unlikely Force”. In most cases, the songs locate almost perfect surroundings: Healy’s “Mind Of A Man” is persuasively anthemic, while Kapranos’s enigmatic “Hey Banana”, draped in bells and strings, takes on a personality akin to Love’s Arthur Lee. Jason Lytle is particularly well-served by the orchestrations applied to the prancing pop of “100 Million Miles” and the more sensitive “Failing At Feeling”, a gorgeously melancholic outtake from Grandaddy’s recent break-up album.”

K-ZAP 93.3 FM and streaming online at K-ZAP.ORG/LISTEN/ is playing the song, “L.A. On My Mind” from this supergroup’s first CD. Check out the video version of the tune, below.


Vol. 1 (2017)