Download the K-ZAP App—get a Cat Sticker and maybe 100 bucks!

We sound better with the app AND you can get us almost anywhere.  If you download the app and tell a friend about it, let our own

Scott Elliott know.  He’ll mail you a sticker and you’ll be entered to win $100. Easy money!

  1. Download the appropriate app below and tell a friend about it!
  2. Send Scott a note with your address and he’ll mail you a sticker. (click here)
  3. Wait until October 30th to see if you’ve won $100 cash!

No matter whether you are streaming Sacramento’s K-ZAP using your home WiFi connection or your phone’s data plan, all of our streams are designed to sip data rather than guzzle data. You can listen more than 72 hours for each GB of data used. That’s a LOT of Sacramento’s K-ZAP!

Android OS:

Go to your PlayStore and search K-ZAP, or click here, you’ll find our App easily… just download it and hit play!





Apple iOS:

Go to the Apple Store and search K-ZAP, or click here, you’ll find our App easily… just download it and hit play!





Many users then use their mobile device connected to their home or car stereo via the type of cables they need. Many home stereos will use a mini-stereo to RCA jack cable to play through their home stereo.











For many car stereos you may want to use a device that plays through your cassette deck. Here’s  link to a cNet article of other ways to connect your car audio system to your portable device, click here.